Rated 3.0

This is a slightly above mediocre film at best. That said, I’ll take a mediocre Will Ferrell movie over most Hollywood attempts at comedy any day. Well, any day except for Thursday … that’s when I do my knitting. Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, owner of an ABA basketball team in the 70s, right before a merger with the NBA. When it’s decided that the four best teams in the ABA will be the ones to merge, Jackie trades for talent and adds promotions to boost attendance. Ferrell is in fine form, but some of the subplots, including a dud involving the normally funny yet bland Woody Harrelson, deter from the fun. Still, there are some Ferrell comedic gems, including a bear-wrestling sequence and a Russian roulette moment featuring a cameo by Tim Meadows. Not the best Ferrell movie, but not nearly the worst. Fans will be fine with it.