Seed of Chucky

Rated 1.0 This is the fifth movie involving Chucky, the murderous doll voiced by Billy Bibbit (Brad Dourif). When Chucky and his new bride, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) the doll, are visited by their offspring (voice of Billy Boyd), they hatch a plan to become human and get their child a sibling. The plot involves real-life actress Jennifer Tilly, who has seen much better days, and rapper Redman. This is more of a horror comedy then straight slasher flick, although the laughs are few and far between. In a way, it’s just another rip-off of Wes Craven’s Scream, another run through of the whole movie-within-a-movie gimmick. Tilly manages a few amusing moments, but I’m thinking this won’t have the best of effects on her career arc. While Chucky might’ve been amusing in his first film, things have gone steadily downhill since then, and it’s time for him to go the way of the Cabbage Patch Kid. It’s not as bad as Child’s Play 3, but that is not the greatest of compliments.