See you at the movies

It’s a common debate on the weekends: Should I go out to the movies or rent a DVD? Perhaps, Cinemareno can provide a happy medium. The local film society presents a screening of the independent comedy films 40 and North Beach. 40 (pictured) centers on struggling filmmaker Trevor Day, who learns that his film has been accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. He invites his actors, a washed-up soap opera star and her ex-husband, on a road trip to the festival. A series of misadventures await them, particularly after they take a short cut along old U.S. Highway 40. North Beach makes its Reno premiere following 40. The film follows Tyler Morgan, a San Francisco hipster who has been caught cheating on his girlfriend, Paige. He has one day to prove to her that he’s worth a second chance. San Jose Mercury-News called the flick “Energetic, naughty and very funny.” Cinemareno founder Stephen Davis, who wrote, produced and directed 40, will attend the screening and answer questions about the films. 40 begins at 7 p.m. and North Beach starts at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 27. Tickets are $7 for one film and $10 for both. The screening is at the Sierra Room inside the Reno Hilton, 2500 E. Second St. Visit—Kelley Lang