SCTV: Volume 3

The Shout Factory

The Shout Factory has been releasing episodes of NBC’s SCTV (the show took on a 90-minute format after years in syndication) since last year, and God bless them for it. For the uninitiated, SCTV was a sketch comedy show in the guise of a fake television station inhabited by the likes of Rick Moranis, John Candy and Eugene Levy. This volume contains a major transition period for the show: the Bob and Doug McKenzie characters (Moranis and Dave Thomas) have risen to fame with a hit album and an upcoming movie (Strange Brew, which flopped in U.S. theaters). As it appeared Moranis and Thomas would be leaving, SCTV brought in Martin Short to liven things up. This DVD contains the very funny “Maudlin’s Eleven,” a remake of Ocean’s Eleven , and “Chariots of Eggs,” a funny Chariots of Fire /Personal Best remake too bizarre to describe.