Scott Roller

Scott Roller

Photo by Jimmy Boegle

Scott Roller is the owner of the year-old Beehive Hair Co., located on Holcomb Avenue next to the building formerly known as Midtowne Market. The 28-year-old Anaheim, Calif., native is also a singer and rhythm guitarist for the Saddle Tramps, a well-known local rockabilly/humor band.

Why did you name your shop the Beehive Hair Co.?

First, I didn’t want the word “salon” in it. I wanted to be more offbeat. It was actually inspired by Mary Huff, the bass player for Southern Culture on the Skids.

How did she inspire you?

I’ve been listening to them for years. She’s got such a great style. She takes rock ‘n’ roll and white trash and big hair and takes it all up front. Not that this is a white trash shop, but she gave me the idea for the name and the logo.

I personally prefer the B-52s.

When they were here last summer, we did the hair for them. What’s really cool is that Cindy Wilson, the blond one, had worn a hat for the entire tour. [Beehive employee] Caity was the first person during the entire trip to get Cindy’s hair so she’d take her hat off.

What’s the most heinous haircut ever?

Hands down, without even thinking about it, it’s any variation of the mullet. I know it’s kinda funny these days, with the Web sites and stuff, but isn’t that the crummiest hairstyle that people keep going back to?

I used to have a mullet.

You did? Hopefully, it was in the ‘80s when that was socially acceptable.


No? You’re killing me! Well, I had a pompadour in the ‘80s _

Here’s my Costco card. It’s the only known picture of the mullet.

Really! You did! When you get rid of that card, give it to me so I can add it to my mulletin board.

Oh, my. Look at that.

Yeah. We have Billy C. Wirtz, John Stamos _

And [District Attorney] Dick Gammick, I see.

Yeah. We made up a mullet for him.

What’s the best hairstyle you’ve ever seen?

You know, Dick Clark has never had bad hair. He even pulled it together during the ‘70s. Also, there’s this guy I know in Los Angeles named Gator. He has the best hair ever. And then there’s Elvis. In any incarnation of his life, he had the best hair.

So, the King … is he still alive?

You know, people who think he’s alive give the rest of us Elvis fans a bad name. Man, I wish he’d have died in 1961, so he could have went out with the same image as James Dean—trim and fit—instead of being high on amphetamines and valium. And bloated. Not to mention in a bathroom.

But then he never would have given us “Suspicious Minds.”

Well, Dwight Yoakam would have done it. Hey, do you know that under that hat, Yoakam has a skullet? He’s bald on top with a mullet in back.

Oh, that’s horrible.

Yeah, it’s the worst.