Scooby-Doo 2

Rated 1.0 This one is a frantic mess that ruins OK performances by a game cast with frantic editing and tired fart jokes. The Mystery, Inc. gang has gone all corporate and modern, opening an exhibit at a local museum featuring all of the costumes of villains they unmasked in their past cartoon-series capers. When those costumes start coming to life, the gang runs around and farts a lot as they look for the culprit. Granted, farting can be funny, but director Raja Gosnell is just plain gross, as he was with the repulsive Big Momma’s House. The yucky farts aren’t the only problem, as the film’s pacing is far too rushed, not allowing the sometimes impressive visuals to sink in. Linda Cardellini is still cute as Velma, and Sarah Michelle Gellar gets to do some Buffy-style butt-kicking. Matthew Lillard has crossed into terribly annoying territory as Shaggy, his vocals sounding serrated as he tries to ape Casey Kasem. Seth Green and Alicia Silverstone join the proceedings, a move that is bound to give them nightmares for years to come. This film hurt my eyes.