Scolari’s settles suit

Scolari’s Warehouse Markets has agreed to pay a $425,000 fine, provide its workers with new training, report to federal regulators for three years, and hire a consultant on sexual harassment in order to settle a federal complaint against the chain.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) accused senior officers of Scolari’s Reno stores of repeated and “sometimes severe” sexual harassment of 19 female employees, several of them teenagers. In a statement, the EEOC said that the officers and managers “inappropriately touched female employees, propositioned them, made lewd comments and passed around naked photos of themselves, among other acts.”

EEOC regional attorney Anna Park said, “In a case like this, where several of the victims were young women new to the work force, victims of harassment often feel further isolated and marginalized. This case shows that employers need to investigate and act on complaints of harassment—before the problem mushrooms.”

EEOC district director Olophius Perry said, “Nevada employers need to be vigilant in protecting workers who have the courage to speak out against harassment.”