School board intrigues

School board intrigues

A revealing tableau unfolded last month at the first meeting of the new Washoe County School Board meeting, in which holdover members tried to prevent the election as board president of one of their own.

There are seven members of the board. Four are holdovers: Barbara Clark, Estela Gutierrez, John Mayer, and Barbara McLaury.

Three are new, and were sworn in for the first time at this meeting: David Aiazzi, Howard Rosenberg and Lisa Ruggerio.

When nominations were opened for board president, there was a surprise—holdover McLaury nominated first termer Aiazzi. The nomination was seconded by holdover Gutierrez.

First termer Howard Rosenberg then nominated holdover Clark and was seconded by first termer Ruggerio. Aiazzi, who said he was taken by surprise at his nomination, said he did “not feel I’m ready” for the job and declined the nomination.

McLaury then nominated holdover Mayer and was seconded again by Gutierrez. Then Clark was elected by Rosenberg, Ruggierio, Aiazzi and Clark.