Scattered thoughts

About a week after The Blue Wave, there was an interesting natural phenomenon in Monterey, as thousands and thousands of Pelagic Red Crabs washed up dead on the beach. So pardon my metaphor, but how spot on is that? Blue Wave murders Red Crabs. That sums it up pretty well.

It’s a fine time to acknowledge two players in the current cultural landscape who have shown themselves to be essential to the preservation of sanity here in Trumpistan. First, kozmik kudos to the amazing Tom Tomorrow and This Modern World, the comic strip which we’ve carried here in the RN&R forever. He’s simply The Best, and TMW is to 2018 what Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury was to 1973. Tom makes smart-ass brilliance look easy, week after week, and it’s anything but.

And how about Rachel Maddow? Yes, there are many excellent hosts on MSNBC these days, but let’s face it, Rachel is the undisputed Queen of 30 Rock. She’s nothing less than a national treasure, and her nightly reports, especially those in the last two years, have been superb exercises in investigative journalism. She, too, makes it look easy, and again, it ain’t—especially to do it five nights a week. An extraordinary talent in an extraordinary time. Right on, Rache.

Matt Whitaker is truly an embarrassment. Every day this oaf poses as the AG of the USA is another day Trump farts in the face of America. And lemme get this straight. We want to give to Turkey a Turkish citizen it wants to kill, so that Turkey will shut up about the Saudi citizen that our good Saudi buddy Prince MBS chopped up in Turkey? OK, that’s pure evil. That’s U.S. being evil.

On Saturday night, Nov. 10, there was a disastrous three-car wreck on the Mt. Rose Highway, at the intersection of Thomas Creek and 431. One of the three people killed was a friend of mine and many, Craig Park. Old Craig is gonna be missed big time by a whole bunch of us who came to know him as the affable cool cat who owned the Truckee River Bar and Grill on Lakeside. He was an excellent golf bro as well. His sudden and shocking death just reminds us once again—you can be gone in a second, literally. One lousy, bleeping second and you’re outta here, whether you’re at a Pittsburgh synagogue or a Vegas country concert or driving home on just another Saturday night. We live in a mischievous universe. The ice can get very thin very quickly.