Scary weeks ahead

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review.

Well, all right. All right, all right. I've seen the art for our Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada, and I can tell you, it's monster. Without actually adding dimensions, I'm not sure how we'd top that 3-D thing we did last year, so we decided to go big on two of our favorite dimensions. Is that too opaque? I'm sorry, you know how it is—I don't want to give anything away, but I'm really excited.

I can tell you, from this moment, July 23, until publication on Aug. 7, things are going to be frightening around here. So don't expect me to return your emails or phone calls. In fact, I should start seeing spreadsheets sometime tomorrow, and I can't wait!

Dennis Myers just walked past my doorway, and I could tell from the spring in his step he's ready to get this thing on, too. Man, it's going to be awesome.

Should be only one glitch. I've got to be up to Sandpoint, Idaho, on July 31 for a family reunion. I wish they'd consulted me before they decided on the family reunion dates, but well, you know, I think much of the family believe that either I was adopted or switched at birth. You'd just have to see a family picture, though, to know that this nut didn't fall far from the banana tree.

I also wish they'd consulted me before they constructed the city of Sandpoint. We're planning on driving because we've never seen much of Idaho, but that's way the hell up there. We'll probably bring our passports just so we can stop up in Canada to pick up some T-shirts or maybe some health care.

I'll probably be counting votes for the whole drive so it won't be time wasted, but I'll bet I'll be all strung out on one of those energy drinks. We had a record number of voters in Best Of this year, more than 5,093 to be exact.

But it'll all soon be over. We'll take our little trip. I'll have some great memories of the summer, and I'll be ready to start planning for the next big thing.