Say no more

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

OK, before I lose my mind by counting Biggest Little Best Of Northern Nevada votes—it’s more interpretation of responses than actual counting—I thought I’d give you a little consumer heads-up.

I noticed the other day that it’s flu-shot season, so I did a tiny bit of checking around to see how much it was going to cost me. For some reason, my son refused to get a shot at Walmart, but it’s $24 for a flu shot there and $60 for a pneumonia shot. Total: $84.

Walgreen’s, across from the office here, is $29.99 for a flu shot, and $63.99 for a pneumonia shot. Total: $93.98

Costco charges $20 for a flu shot and $45 for a pneumonia shot. Total: $65.

I’ve got health insurance, so I figure I’ll go to the doctor. If I go to my doctor, who’s a prince, by the way, I’ll pay $25 for the flu vaccine, and $55 for the pneumonia vaccine. Add to that, $15 apiece for administering the shots. Add to that $80-$125 for the office visit. Total: around $200. My deductable is $500 per year. My insurance company takes out $55.35 per paycheck.

Now, forgive me for being all avant-garde here, but I’m setting a mood. I’d like you to imagine yourself at your desk having just typed those words. Your chin is in your left hand, and your right hand’s fingers are drumming on the desk. It’s quiet. The only noise are your fingers tapping on the desk.