Rated 1.0 This so-called horror film starts with an interesting enough premise and then gradually becomes one of the year’s worst films. Two men (Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell) awaken in a dingy room to discover themselves shackled to pipes. In between them, there’s a dead body and a couple of saws too dull to cut through pipe but sharp enough to serrate flesh. A rather creative serial killer has put them in this predicament, and we find out that the “Jigsaw Killer” has committed quite a few complicated crimes before this one. His crimes involve Seven-like sadistic scenarios and rather elaborate scares involving puppets. (Don’t ask.) As the tension mounts, the story begins to unravel, as does Elwes’s performance. It’s a wonder that this film managed to skirt direct-to-video status. It is reprehensibly bad.