Saw VI

Rated 1.0

We are now up to a sixth Saw film, and things get political this time. The ever-clairvoyant but definitely dead Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), with the help of a couple of folks who are actually living at this point in the series, have concocted one of those elaborate, ridiculously expensive death mazes for some new prey. I’m tired of Jigsaw murdering people in the future after his death. I think we need a Saw film where he travels into the past and screws with his enemies’ ancestors. Surely if he could concoct all of these elaborate death devices, the guy could put together some sort of serious time machine? He could travel to dinosaur times, and put one of those tape recorders in the stomach of a large, oft consumed mammal. He could then murder cavemen in an attempt to ruin his future nemesis bloodlines. OK … that would be one suck-ass film. But it would be better, and perhaps more realistic, than the last five Saw movies!