Sausage Party

Rated 4.0

Sausage Party, the animated hellcat from writer-producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, is the first big studio film in a long time with screaming levels of originality. It’s a profanity-laden, blasphemous middle finger to the movie-making establishment that thinks it’s OK to turn out sequels and comic book movies that suck as long as people shell out for them. It couldn’t be more fun, and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. In a sunny supermarket, a bunch of vegetables, hot dogs and buns wake up and sing a happy song, convinced that today will be the day they are chosen by humans to enter the great beyond—the world on the other side of those automatic sliding doors. What they find on the other side of those doors is nonstop carnage, certain death, and a generally bad time for all things digestible. What makes Sausage Party a cut above your average stoner movie full of food items screwing and being murdered is that it’s actually a smart swipe at organized religion and politics. I don’t want to give much away other than to say this movie makes you think a lot more than you would expect from a movie that features a taco going down on a hot dog bun. Rogen and Goldberg, in my eyes, are the most reliable comedy filmmakers out there right now.