Rated 3.0

Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent whose life is turned upside down when a Russian guy walks into her office and declares her a Russian spy with a whole bunch of important people watching. She goes on the run, and the screenplay does a decent job of keeping us in the dark as to her true identity. Jolie does a good job of kicking major ass, and she actually gives the character a good amount of emotional depth. Yes, this thing goes haywire fairly early on, but it’s relatively enjoyable insanity brought to you by a director who does action well (Phillip Noyce). Jolie gets a new decent action hero to hang a franchise on after the drudgery that was the Tomb Raider films. (She took on this project after Tom Cruise turned it down.) It winds up being a pretty decent popcorn flick for summertime movie going, but not much more.