Rated 2.0

Robin Williams hasn’t done a real comedy in four years (that’s if you count Death to Smoochy), and this one isn’t necessarily a return to form. He’s cast in what is essentially a remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation. Instead of going to an amusement park, the clan is on the way to Colorado where Williams must do a sales pitch to save his job. His family doesn’t know this, they just think he’s crazy. Director Barry Sonnenfeld sets up a lot of shots where the monstrous recreational vehicle rented for the trek crashes into things and spits out sewage. Some of the jokes work, but most don’t. It’s not worth a blanket recommendation, but it’s pretty harmless and safe for families. Williams gets a couple of moments to cut loose. Too bad the writers couldn’t come up with funnier material for the man. Covering him in raw sewage for giggles is pretty low, not to mention totally disgusting.