Russo returns

Aaron Russo, the former Emmy-winning Hollywood producer who moved to a vague Nevada address to run for governor and then departed the state, is now marketing a film expressing his political ideas.

America/Freedom to Fascism contains harsh and sweeping criticism of Diebold electronic voting machines, income taxes, the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve, human-implanted RFID tags, the Real ID Amendment, globalization, abridgements on civil liberties and government use of terrorism.

A New York Times review of the film says that a quotation in the film from Benito Mussolini is bogus and that the rest of the movie is similarly slipshod. The review ran under the headline, “America: Freedom to Fascism Makes a Mess of the Mess We Are In.”

Russo lost his 1998 race for governor in a landslide. He subsequently ran for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination and led at one point in the convention balloting, but then lost on the third ballot.