Running the numbers

OK, so us donkey Dems have approximately 10 declared candidates for the presidency, and this situation appears to be, as we like to say these days, fluid. While I couldn’t tell you much about the positions of specific candidates at this time, I can say with unbudgeable confidence that each and every one of them would be at least 759 times better at the job than the current dim bulb dotard.

Give an ear to the humble mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg (boot-a-judge), who turns out to be a rather brilliant man, a guy who is to genuine intellectual competence what Trump is to french fries. Buttigieg knows how to competently and confidently express himself, and he sounds like a quality, substantial human being every time he opens his mouth. I’m guessing he will accumulate some cred early on in the campaign and eventually be taken seriously. Those in charge of organizing the debates are gonna have their hands full.

You wanna see a Republican launch a prime time, 4-star shart? (And really, who doesn’t?) Well, just mention “Green New Deal” and “Big Taxes on Ultra-Rich.” Two large national programs that are obviously sane, productive and timely. And AOC? The daughter of Lucifer herself! A socialist demon queen who supports mandatory rabies! Hey ReTrumplicans, mess with AOC at your peril. This woman is a budding superstar.

As usual, it’s completely appropriate to tell Trumpazoans, as civilly as you can, to calm the fuck down. Here are the numbers behind the thoroughly reasonable proposal of the wealth tax, that great affront to American greed. It would kick in on all estates of $50 million or more. Fifty million! As in fifty million. Those folks fortunate enough not to have been busted as they accumulated these massive estates would be required to pay a two percent tax (minimum of a mill). For estates of a billion or more, the tax would be three percent (a minimum of 30 million).

The number of people who would actually be affected by this tax is frightfully tiny—as in 75,000 households would incur the 50 mill tax, and a eentsy teentsy miniscule 1,000 households would get slapped with the billionaire action. That’s it! A grand total of 76,000 households, and if we compute four peeps per household, then about 300,000 people would be affected by this plan. In other words, slightly less than .1 percent of the population. One-tenth of one percent, to be ravaged by this savagely sinister socialism.

Gee, what a tragedy. You think Reginald will be able to top off the bleeping yacht?