Royalties quashed

The Nevada Broadcasters Association is reporting that U.S. Sen. Harry Reid has promised not to allow legislation providing for performance royalties onto the floor of the Senate. The legislation required earthbound radio stations to pay the same performance royalties to recording artists that is already paid by satellite and internet radio.

The Broadcasters’ website has a posting that says Reid had a “small, private event” with Nevada broadcasting lobbyists and that he told them, “No [royalties] legislation will be brought to the Senate floor during this session. There is too much opposition in Congress.”

Asked for comment, Reid spokesperson Jon Summers said, “Out of respect for the constituents who meet with Sen. Reid, we generally don’t talk about their private conversations.”

The Broadcasters’ report continues, “The Nevada Broadcasters Association is grateful to [Reid] for giving us the opportunity over the past six months to hold two meetings in Washington, D.C., and one meeting in Las Vegas with members of his staff to discuss at length the issue and impact” of royalties on Nevada radio stations.