Ronny Cox

Ronny Cox Live

Folksy, whimsical and sometimes poignant, actor-singer-guitarist Ronny Cox is a perfect Prairie Home Companion guest. (You’ve seen him in Deliverance, Bound for Glory, Total Recall and RoboCop, among others.) On this self-released album, his warm ruminations to a small but enthusiastic audience lead into songs and back into ruminations. They’re always gentle, often drawing from his Southwestern past. The very funny track “I Don’t Know You” nails the problematic relationship between celebrities and adoring fans. (He riffs off Ray Charles’ memorable “You Don’t Know Me.”) Very ably supported by a J.J. Cale-sounding rhythm section, he also pays tribute to several of his friends—including the great songwriter Dave Carter—in his tragic and prescient “When I Go” and Jack Williams in “On the Road with Jack.”