Roll with it

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I know it’s still the middle of June, but I’m looking forward to July, and not just because, if recent patterns continue, we’re likely to get some nice winter weather. Nothing quite like a nice midsummer blizzard here in the desert.

July is a big month here at the RN&R. It’s the month of Rollin’ on the River, our summer concert series down at Wingfield Park, right along the Truckee River—which, in case you haven’t heard or been down there and peeped yourself recently—is indeed seriously rolling. It’s rolling fast and high, like a river with a head full of MDMA. It just wants to hug everybody—but it’s a river, so be careful.

Anyway, we’re really excited about the concert series, which again this year is a celebration of local music, featuring some of the best local acts, like Jelly Bread, Mojo Green and the Sextones—great, fun local performers that are accessible enough that you can still bring the kids, bring Grandma, bring your friend who hates everything, and they’ll all still have a good time. That’s every Friday in July starting at 5. Check out the promo on page 28 for details.

And I’m extra excited about Still Rollin’, a late-night after-party concert series launching this year. It’s a weekly showcase for some of the best music in the valley that’s too weird, too loud, too outlandish to bombard on the river. But it’s great stuff—rock ’n’ roll, heavy metal, punk rock, whatever—and I’m stoked that we’re partnering with Shea’s Tavern for the series. Shea’s is like a giant chunk of salt in the otherwise increasingly bland, gentrified neighborhood that is Reno’s midtown. Check out the promo on page 10 for details, including the complete lineup.

And last but not least: Vote now for the Best of Northern Nevada, our long-running, credible, comprehensive reader survey about the best of everything in the region. There are some cheap, imitation contests floating around. Don’t waste your time. Head straight to and vote your heart out.