Rogich: Reelect Reid

Republican political consultant Sig Rogich, a former Reagan campaign aide, is heading the list of Nevada Republicans supporting U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s reelection campaign.

On Sam Shad’s television program, Rogich spelled out in greater detail why he is supporting the state’s leading Democrat.

“We’re in protracted water negotiations with Arizona, with [Sen.] John McCain at the table, Utah, with [Sen.] Orrin Hatch, [Sen.] Dianne Feinstein representing California, and Colorado,” Rogich said. “Who would you like to have at the table? A junior senator or a newly elected senator to argue about and protect the rights of our water for Nevada for the rest of our lifetime? That’s how important this thing is.”

Water fuels Las Vegas growth and Reid has also aided Clark County’s water grab in rural eastern Nevada.

Rogich’s own views may not be that helpful to Reid. For instance, Rogich called for doing something about public worker collective bargaining: “There is something inherently wrong in this county, for example, where firefighters are making the kind of money they are making.”