Rated 3.0

The latest from director Guy Ritchie is a bunch of good-looking, fast-moving nonsense that is nonetheless entertaining. The film involves a convoluted real estate deal in London that involves Russian immigrants, crime lords, rock stars and small-time hoods. Gerard Butler plays One Two, a small-time hood who gets involved when he steals some money and lives to regret it. Tom Wilkinson is deranged goodness, both funny and scary as Lenny Cole, a crime lord who uses crayfish as a torture device. Toby Kebbell scores some good laughs as Johnny Quid, Lenny’s drug addicted, rock star stepson with an unfortunate taste for daddy’s art. Ritchie’s slapdash style is in good effect here, and it’s his best work in years. The plot is a very long and winding road, and the cast makes it constantly entertaining.