Roadside America

If you’re taking a road trip anywhere in America and are looking for weird landmarks, then I highly encourage a visit to this Web site. Some of the strange bits o’ Americana featured on the site: Mammy’s Cupboard, a restaurant in Natchez, Mo., located in the skirt portion of a building shaped like a 28-foot-tall black woman; the World’s Largest Ten Commandments, a tablet-shaped, 300-foot wide depiction on a Murphy, N.C., mountainside; and my personal favorite, an entire park dedicated to the supposedly psychic pooch that died in 1937, Jim the Wonder Dog, in Marshall, Mo. You can also check out posted tips from readers, organized by state. I am not sure how valid all of these tips are; one such tip involves "Parkside Mall" right here in Reno, which I don’t think exists, and a ghost that supposedly visits the place on the third Saturday of each month at 9 p.m.