Road rules

OK, we know most of you can’t wait for Thursday to roll around to pick up the latest News & Review. We feel kind of the same way. But this week, we’re really hoping you pick it up early so you won’t forget it’s Bike to Work week. Officially, Bike to Work week is May 15-21, but we’re going on the record to say about 48 weeks a year in Reno could be Bike to Work week. So if you failed to take note of the calendar holiday, feel free to hop on your bike and ride to work, to the gym, to your parole officer or trial.

We write a pro-bicycle editorial about once a year, sometimes more, but it only takes about 97 words to tell people they should ride their bike to work, and editorials are supposed to include calls to action, encouragements to change your behavior for the betterment of the community. So here ya go, advice for both bike riders and automobile drivers with how to get along. We won’t tell you which advice goes to whom or which is good for both.

Don’t be a dick. Follow the rules of the road.

Signal your intentions, by using either your hands or signal switch.

Wear a helmet and/or a safety belt.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Don’t text while operating your vehicle.

Don’t drink and operate your vehicle.

Don’t talk on the cell phone and operate your vehicle.

Do not have sex while operating your vehicle.

Stay in your lane.

Come to a complete stop at stop signs. In fact, obey all traffic signs.

Be defensive. If not for your own safety, then for the safety of the ignoramuses who aren’t watching for you.

Don’t wear headphones while operating your vehicle.

Yield to pedestrians.

Do not obstruct the free flow of traffic by going slowly in the other type of vehicle’s lane or by stopping or even parking in it.

If you don’t know that you can make it through a yellow light comfortably, don’t try it.

Avoid collisions.

Avoid obstacles, such as broken glass or nails.

Don’t pick your nose at stop lights. Not a safety issue, just saying.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Do not wear clothing or glasses that obstruct vision.

Don’t wear those baggy pants that show the crack of your ass. Sure, they could get caught in the chain, but really … just don’t.

Have lights, front and rear, on your vehicle.

Look behind when you plan to turn in either direction.

Be friendly to others who share the road.

Bicycle and automobile operators can use these rules to make the roads safer for everyone during Bike to Work week and every week. The fact is, everyone owns the roads, and nobody wants to kill anyone else. Let’s use the roads like we’re neighbors and friends.