RN&R Endorsements

Every election, the Reno News & Review makes recommendations for voters who are too lazy to do the minimum of research for themselves. We base our recommendations on our own coverage, other media reports, and in some cases, information the candidates submit to be included on our voters page. We don’t endorse in every race, primarily either because the candidates are equally good or equally bad. In some cases, like the sheriff’s race, the candidates are equally good but have completely different approaches.

Question 1: Shall Nevada create a Court of Appeals that would decide appeals of District Court decisions in certain civil and criminal cases? Yes on Question 1.

Question 2: Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to remove the cap on mining industry taxes, a benefit enjoyed by no other industry? Yes on Question 2.

Question 3: Shall the Nevada Revised Statutes be amended to create a 2 percent tax on a margin of the gross revenue of entities doing business in Nevada whose total revenue for any taxable year exceeds $1 million, the money going into the state Distributive School Account to be apportioned among Nevada’s school districts and charter schools? Yes on Question 3.

U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Kristen Spees.

Governor: David Gibson, the Green candidate, was kept off the ballot because of Nevada’s exclusionary and anti-democracy election laws. We’re not going to change the laws, and we’re pretty sure we know who’ll win, so we’re recommending a protest vote in the race for governor. Vote for None of these candidates.

Lieutenant Governor, Lucy Flores; Secretary of State, Kate Marshall; State Treasurer, Kim Wallin; State Controller, Andrew Martin; Attorney General, Ross Miller.

State Senate District 13, Debbie Smith; State Senate District 14, Joe Hunt; State Senate District 16, Ben Kieckhefer.

State Assembly District 25, Pat Hickey; State Assembly District 26, Randy Kirner; State Assembly District 27, Teresa Benitez-Thompson; State Assembly District 30, Michael Sprinkle; State Assembly District 31, Richard “Skip” Daly; State Assembly District 32, John Sharp Sampaga.

County Commission District 2, Terri Thomas; County Commission District 3, Kitty Jung.

District Court Judge-Department 5, Family Court, Cynthia Lu; District Court Judge-Department 6, Lynne Simons; District Court Judge-Department 8, Lidia S. Stiglich; District Court Judge-Department 11, Family Court, Chuck Weller; District Court Judge-Department 14, Family Court, John P. Springgate.

School Board Trustee-District C, Barbara Clark; School Board Trustee-District F, Veronica Frenkel.

City of Reno Mayor, Hillary Schieve; City of Reno Council, Ward 2, Elisa Cafferata; City of Reno Council, Ward 4, Paul McKenzie.

Justice of the Peace, Sparks, Department 1, Chet Adams.