Ringing in 2020

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review. And welcome to 2020! Wow. That’s a little mind boggling, isn’t it? But it’s also exciting.

As I’ve watched 2019 wrap up, I’ve been inspired to think more positively—in part by friends and family members on social media who’ve shared encouraging and thought provoking messages about their New Year’s resolutions and the things they’ve accomplished in 2019. I’m a big fan of the Facebook posts so many people have shared asking others to brag to them about what they’ve achieved this year. Sometimes it’s little things, like taking better care of their health. Sometimes it’s big things, like getting out of an abusive relationship or sobering up after spending too much time and money in the bars. Either way, it’s uplifting to hear the good things that have come out of a year that for many—myself included—was otherwise a bit of a dumpster fire.

I’m not usually the type who makes a New Year’s resolution, but I’ve gone ahead and made two for 2020. The first is that I’m going to quit smoking this year. This time, for good. The second is that I’m going to take the time to engage my friends, family, acquaintances and readers in more political dialogue because, thank goodness, it’s a presidential election year—and it sure has been a long time coming.

I’ll never forget how I felt on election night 2016 as I watched voting tallies come in and realized that Donald Trump was going to be president. I was angry. I was hurt. I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe we were going to have to endure four years of that man being at the helm of our great nation. Now, those four years are coming to a close. I’m scared of the prospect of another four years of watching Trump besmirch the reputation of the United States, but I’m hopeful that won’t happen. If you and I and everyone else gets out to vote, we can make sure it doesn’t.

Also, and you probably figured this, but Editor Brad Bynum is just out of the office for a few days and will be back soon. Thus why you’re hearing from me in this space and not him. And don’t forget to submit a 95-word fiction story before our Jan. 15 deadline.