Rich white guys ambushed

White savages at the Washington Redskins can't seen to catch a break in Nevada.

First the team, acting on May 29 through a public relations firm, invited Te-Moak Western Shoshone Tribe chair Joseph Holley of Battle Mountain to fly to D.C. Details were vague, he said.

“Someone working for the team called me out of the blue to invite me to a meeting in D.C. with the team and its owners and wanted to know what I thought of the team name,” Holley said in a prepared statement. “They did not tell me what the meeting was about, what I would be doing or who else was invited and wanted my answer in just a few hours. My answer was no. I've got responsibilities to my community and members here at home and can't be running off to D.C. at a moment's notice to meet with a football team to do who knows what.”

Then, that same day, the team asked its disciples to “Tweet @SenatorReid to show your #RedskinsPride and tell him what the team means to you.” Nevada Sen. Harry Reid has been harshly critical of the Redskins team name, and half the Senate has sent letters to team owner Dan Snyder asking for a change.

The results included, alongside the kind of postings the team hoped for, tweets like this: “Celebrating genocide and touchdowns #redskinspride.” “@SenatorReid The @Redskins name means racism. Always has, always will. And that's the way rich white guys like it. #RedskinsPride.”