RGJ goes premium

One of our readers says he recently began having trouble reading the day’s news on the Reno Gazette-Journal. He called a number for inquiries, he said:

“I called and got a nice lady in South Carolina. Apparently, the first 10 articles per month free is no longer available, but I should be able to get to the front page of RGJ.com without a password. She said that getting inside from there without an account was no longer an option. I set up an account from my home delivered subscription. They’re going to [email] me with the [password]. However, I still cannot get to their website’s front page. Perhaps my operating system is too damned old, kinda like me. Their techs are going to call me.”

At press time, he had not heard back from the techs.

Surprisingly, a recent front page message to readers about changes at the RG-J made no mention of this switch.