Resident Evil: Extinction

Rated 2.0

Milla Jovovich shows up for another round as Alice, the zombie-killing genetic experiment. This time, she bands together with a new group of survivors on their way to Canada, and they get attacked by not only human zombies, but also zombie birds. Set pieces include a dilapidated Las Vegas, which has really fallen apart after only five years of failed upkeep. There are a couple of jolts, but this is mostly just a rehash of the same old thing. Jovovich is a good action star, but she’s given little to do other than look great (and she does). Ali Larter is brought in as a possible successor in sequels, though she, again, is given little to do. The zombie makeup is average at best, and Iain Glen is campy stupidity as an evil doctor using Alice clones for some unexplained reason. His eventual transformation into some sort of super zombie is unintentionally funny.