Report card time

With Planned Parenthood thrust into the national political picture by doctored video footage, closer to home, the organization is ranking some of its tormenters.

Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates, a lobbying arm of the group, has issued a report card on this year's Republican-dominated Nevada Legislature.

“We saw blatantly discriminatory bills against transgender youth,” reads an accompanying statement. “And we saw radical bills that would have weakened the Affordable Care Act in Nevada. But we also saw positive bills that, if passed, would have helped Nevada's working families. The good news is that we stopped the most extreme and offensive bills and even got a few good bills through. The bad news is that we lost on those bills that would have helped level the playing field for our state's working families.”

The grades given to Nevada legislators are based on five votes in the Assembly and a different five in the Senate. The report can be read at