Renter’s rights group forming

An organization to represent renters is being put together by activist Andrew Barbano.

“Renters in Nevada have never had any rights to speak of,” he wrote in an email message to community leaders. “Those that exist are as weak as Kleenex in a hurricane.”

Barbano, the Democratic nominee for the Northern U.S. House seat in 1984, was instrumental in the initiative petition drive that created Nevada’s Consumer Advocate’s Office to represent ratepayers in utility rate hearings. He said some of the things renters and possible renters are being subjected to are outrageous. “I thought it couldn’t get worse than ’78. Dead wrong. Landlords are now charging people hundreds of dollars just to apply for a rental. The going rate is $50 per person. That’s $200 upfront for a family of four with no guarantee.”

The late Barbara Bennett also began a renters’ rights group, and she ended up being elected mayor of Reno on a controlled growth platform. Brent Tyler, late father of former state senator Stephanie Tyler, similarly advocated for renters.

Barbano said he does not want a group for people “who just want someone to help them bitch about their landlords,” but an action group. Interested citizens can contact him at