Reno summer guide 2005

Think summer is only for kids out of school, boaters and gardeners? If you want a new attitude, all you have to do is get down with the clown.

Photo By David Robert

You like me! You really like me!

I know the competition for the position of spokesman for the Annual Summer Guide is a battle royal. I mean, look at the greats from the last few years, the socialite and the hayseed Buffy and Jim Bob and that master of slapstick Mr. Reno. I must admit, I feel humbled to walk in their shoes, if only for the week. Who am I? Why, I’m Crampy the Clown!

Who better to guide you through the days of summer? Is there anyone more loved than a clown? I’m bright. Summer is bright. I’m good with kids. No, really. I’m not scary at all. Kids love me. So do their moms … parents, I mean.

I’m really looking forward to this gig. I guess you know how it works. The esteemed staff and contributing essayists of the Reno News & Review write about their favorite things to do in the summer, and I go along and experience the joys of the season firsthand.

I think it would be danged near impossible to find a more culturally aware spokesman than myself. My parole officer was always complimenting me on my keen knowledge of literature—I cut my teeth on Stephen King. And hardly a week goes by that I don’t spend some time down by the river in the theater. I’m especially looking forward to working with movie reviewer Bob Grimm to get the word out about the hottest movies for the hottest season.

Dining outside? My specialty is eating outside. And I’m not talking the drive-thru at McDonald’s, either. I’m the picnic king.

So, with that, I’d like to welcome you to this year’s RN&R summer guide. In this issue, you’ll find a complete listing of summer cultural events, books to read, movies to see, places to take the kids, places to kick back, even places for the older kids to go without the parents. Word has it that there will even be a special section for adult beverages, not that I’m going to partake in that. Nope, I learned my lesson about slippery slopes a long time ago.

I hope you enjoy this year’s Summer Guide, and I’m going to do my best not to mess up this time.

Magic trips for moms, dads, teens and tots
A guide to three free, close-to-home, wet summer occupations

Summer calendar
Get ready to write your memoirs beginning with, “What I did this summer.”

Summer reading list
Man, it’s hot. Too hot to sleep. Too hot to work. Better pull up a hunk of shade and get out a good book.

Moving pictures
Must-sees, maybes and movies to avoid this summer

Summer for the under-21 set
Think adults get to have all the fun when the temperatures start to rise? Not so. There’s lots of fun stuff to do when you are too young to drink and gamble.

Summer alfresco
Hmm. Do I want to sit in the fresh air? Do I want to eat? Why not do both?

Blender buzz
Summer drink-making is enhanced by developing a sense for where you can improvise

Kickin’ back
The real joy of summer comes from the sun-fueled opportunity for pure relaxation