Reno from A-Z

New college students need a little help negotiating the streets of their new home. Here’s a primer.

The Awful Awful in The Nugget in downtown Reno is a must-know for any student. The Nuggest is one of the few places on the planet where you can get a good half-pound burger (and a mountain of french fries) for $3.50.

Boreal Mountain Resort is a great place for skiers and snowboarders on a budget. Although it doesn’t offer as much terrain as other area resorts, Boreal is the only resort to offer $10 Fridays for college students. A valid college ID will get a student a lift ticket from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays during ski season.

Century Theatres is within easy walking distance of the university campus and shows the most popular movies of the day. Since it’s on the Truckee River, it provides a great opportunity on date night for a movie and a romantic walk along the river.

The Del Taco on McCarran Boulevard is another place close to the university where anyone on a budget can satisfy those late-night munchies.

The Early Morning Breakfast Special at the Peppermill Hotel-Casino is something anyone staying up past midnight should know about. After midnight, everything on the menu is $5. So whether it’s a night out on the town or an all-night study session, remember the Peppermill when it’s time for a midnight snack.

Fritz’s Diner across Virginia Street from the Church Fine Arts complex is the perfect place to grab a quick bite for lunch in between classes. Add a wireless Internet connection and a cup of coffee, and Fritz’s can only be summed up in one word: awesome.

Greasy, delicious burritos are what you’ll find at La Michoacana restaurant, 4950 S. Virginia St. Try out the spicy pork burrito for one of the best, most authentic burritos in town (but, if you’re walking, don’t forget about Beto’s on West Fifth Street). The prices in this restaurant more than fit into most students’ budgets.

Highway 40. Want to get a look at Reno’s history? Check out the ancient and cool neon signs on Fourth Street, America’s original Lincoln Highway. Want to see where Reno’s movers and shakers have rubbed elbows for decades and have a bit of food? Try out a “Mess” at Casale’s Halfway House, 2501 East Fourth Street.

Ice skating at the Rink on The River during the winter is a must for anyone looking for a romantic night with their sweetheart or a place to bash around their friends.

Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches is just across the street from Manzanita. Its simple sandwiches and entertaining decor are a nice change from other sub shops that offer everything except a plain ham and cheese sandwich. Sandwiches for under $4 means you don’t have to choose between eating and doing laundry.

The Krispy Kreme, 5050 Kietzke Lane, is open 24/7, and there is something to be said for a big box full of fresh doughnuts during those all-night finals sessions.

Lake Tahoe is a source of year-round fun. During the summer and early fall months, there is a wide variety of trails available to hikers and bikers. That’s not to mention the miles of beach and camp grounds surrounding the lake. During the winter months, Lake Tahoe is home to many world-class ski and board resorts.

Although it’s not the cheapest place to eat in town, Manila Garden Restaurant and Music Lounge, 1255 Stardust St., off Keystone Avenue, is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Reno, and it’s recommended for anyone looking to try something different.

The New Oasis on Victorian Avenue in Sparks is one of the area’s last small venues to bring national acts to town. The Oasis even does some all-ages shows featuring local and national bands.

O’Skis Pub & Grille on Victorian Avenue in Sparks is a great place for anyone hoping to put a little Irish in them. With its quaint atmosphere and darts, O’Skis is a great place to enjoy all things Irish. Meaning: potatoes, Guinness and corned beef.

Generations of UNR students have partied, studied and fueled up at the Pub ’n’ Sub, 1000 Ralston St. With its great subs and burgers, half-price pizza specials, wide variety of beer and beer gardens, the Pub and Sub is the place to be for any college student—no matter what the age.

The only place you can see a live college-level quarterback in the greater Reno area is at UNR’s own Mackay Stadium. Sure, the team has moments of greatness and moments of … less greatness, but a day at the stadium is always a good day.

Rancho San Raphael Park is within walking distance from the university campus and provides a great place for all to enjoy the outdoors and forget about the rest of the world. The dog park is a great place to play Frisbee with man’s best friend, while the entire park is filled with trails for running and biking.

Sleeping is quite possibly the favorite thing for college students to do. Students are nearly indiscriminate as to when and where they do it. Whether it is the library in the evening after classes, or occasionally during that first class in the morning, students love to sleep. No matter how much you sleep, you probably need more.

The Truckee River White Water Park is the only white-water park in the United States within walking distance of fabulous downtown Reno. It also has great obstacles for anyone interested in putting themselves in the water, and for those who don’t, it is always fun to sit and watch the paddlers go through their paces.

Ultimate Frisbee. That’s right! Frisbee isn’t just for aging hippies. At almost any given time on a sunny warm day, a game of Frisbee can be found, and if that’s not enough, Lombardi Recreation Center has an Ultimate Frisbee Intramural League.

Virginia Street is the place to go when you’re sightseeing. When you’re not buried under homework, a walk downtown is almost certainly a way to occupy your mind. If you’re not looking for anything strenuous, the sights under the arch will be enough.

Walden’s Coffeehouse on Mayberry Drive is a great place to just sit with a cup of coffee and a book. Most nights, there is some sort of entertainment, ranging from open mic nights to more professional musicians. It’s sure to provide some relief from the stress of school.

Can you imagine the day when you can negotiate the center of town without running into a roadblock, detour or construction vehicle. Now that’s eXpectation.

The Yoga Center, 720 Tahoe St., is the perfect place for those who are stressed out by the Biggest Little City and are in search of some enlightenment. The Yoga Center is a peaceful environment for those looking for a little headspace.

“Zowie!” is what you’ll say when Dec. 15 arrives, and you’ve finished that first semester. OK, maybe it won’t be “zowie,” but you get the picture.

D. Brian Burghart contributed to this article.