Reno bus service added

The municipal bus line, RTC Ride, has launched a new quasi-express on route 1, its busiest route, running from downtown to Meadowood Mall on Virginia Street.

“If we couldn’t afford the X, how come we can afford this?” asked Scarlett, a commuter who uses the bus line to get from Sparks to Reno and back. She was referring to express route 11X, known to riders as the X. It ran on the freeway from the Reno station to the Sparks station, but was discontinued.

The new semi-express, called RTC Rapid, began operating Monday. “I don’t understand why it stops at all,” said rider Adam after using it. “Either make it an express or not.”

Also this month, RTC began charging 50 cents for copies of previously free timetable booklet for the bus system.