Reno 911!: The Complete Second Season Uncensored

Paramount Home Video

The cast and producers were ready for more risk taking with their second season of spoofing our fine city’s law enforcement. The show doesn’t steer away from controversy and is often quite nasty. It’s consistently funny, and, with Chappelle taking a breather, probably the funniest show currently on American television. The DVD is uncensored, which makes way for plenty of profanity (although the blurs covering naked body parts remain, thankfully, in place). The Drug Arrest Prevention Seminar, a live show at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, is the DVD’s best special feature, especially when the seminar rules are presented (Rule No. 1: No grab-ass and no raping during the presentation). The third season is currently airing on Comedy Central. Until Chappelle quits napping, this will do nicely.