Reno 911!: Miami

Rated 2.0

A disappointing visit to the big screen for Reno’s finest. Some cool cameos and a relocation to sunny Miami can’t help this one be funny. When a bio threat quarantines all of the cops of Miami during a convention, the Reno cops must answer 911 calls and save their comrades. Paul Rudd is amusing as a Scarface-type drug lord, and the boys from Stella get a couple of laughs (Michael Ian Black needs larger film roles), but that’s about it. In fact, if it weren’t for the funny cameos, I’d give this one my lowest rating possible. The show itself was funny the first couple of years, but it’s been losing steam. The movie continues the downward trend. If you want to laugh at these guys, get ahold of the new “best of” DVD for the TV show. This movie will only succeed in putting you to sleep. It resorts to fart humor and the sight of unattractive people in thongs for laughs.