Remember, dammit

One of the most striking features of meetings of the Nevada Board of Regents is phrases that constantly flash on two movie screens that tower over the regents.

The material on the screen is a repetitive loop that runs hundreds of times over the two-day meetings of the board, which governs Nevada’s higher education system.

First appear, one by one, six phrases—"Quality education” followed by “Student focused system,” then “A prosperous economy,” “P-16 education,” “Building quality of life,” “Opportunity & accessible education for all,” and “Reputation for excellence.”

After these six slogans flash by, another slide appears containing a paragraph of text (which passes too quickly to read) headlined “NSHE Values” and with six items stacked under the paragraph: “Integrity/Excellence/Accountability/Inclusiveness/ Creativity/Innovation.”

One regent, when asked the purpose of the display, said, “I hate it,” and said that Regent Stavros Anthony was responsible for it.

Anthony’s explanation suggested a re-education camp: “Everything starts with our values statement and our goals, and I think if we keep looking at that on a regular basis during meetings it’s going to keep in mind what our ultimate responsibility is. … I just want to make sure that we’re continually reminded what our goals are.”

Anthony has previously proposed curbing rap music on campus, and after the Virginia Tech shootings, he offered a plan for police training for professors so they could carry guns on campus.