Reid injuries bring out the best



U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, injured while exercising, missed the opening day ceremonies of the new Congress when doctors told him to work from home. His office released a photo of him meeting with other leaders. His face was bandaged to deal with facial bone fractures. He also broke several ribs.

In some quarters, humor was employed, as with a Washington Post headline: “One day in the minority, and Harry Reid already looks battered.” Notwithstanding Reid's injuries, Daily Beast said the senator—a former boxer who said he does 750 push-ups a week—had “fitness-shamed” the nation.

But many places, the vitriol continued unabated. After Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, who filled in for Reid at the opening ceremonies, said Reid looked like he “went through the windshield of a car,” a reader comment on the Washington Times website read, “Too bad he didn't go through the windshield of a car. I can't think of a member of congress who deserves it more. His miserable tenure in the senate would then be over.”

Locally, readers posted comments like this on the Las Vegas Sun site:

GeorgeStipes: “PROBABLY @PITY SCAM.”

ElisabetaRoja: “PLLLLLLEASE. So, which sex toy or working girl actually caused the damage? … That or DRUNK driving. Seriously, as if this guy ever worked out in his life.”