Regulations create criminals

Have you noticed how eggs are pushing $5 a dozen? Blue/green California has mandated that egg-laying chickens have much larger cages. Out-of-state egg producers can’t legally ship eggs there unless their cages meet California’s regulations. Soon we will see trucks with no headlights driving across the Sierra Nevada with crates of black market factory farm eggs. Later some poor black guy in Compton will die from a police choke hold for selling loose eggs on the street corner. The Greens and the Black Lives Matter activists will blame it on racism, denying that egg laws had anything to do with his death. But the laws made eggs more expensive, so poor folks had to buy the eggs from the guy who was choked by the cops.

Then Trump will demand a wall be built on the California border.

When Jeb Bush was in Reno, he said that America is always a force for good in the world, and we have to use our military power to promote peace. No one seemed to notice he just promised us Orwellian perpetual wars fought for perpetual peace. He has also endorsed torture. Jeb opposed the Vietnam War and almost applied for conscientious objector status, but his draft lottery number was not called. Now he supports continual no-win wars of choice. He also said the toppling of Saddam Hussein was a “good deal” for America, and the surge, by golly, worked. Like most Republicans, he just cannot admit his brother’s Iraq War was the biggest strategic blunder for the U.S. since Wilson’s intervention in World War I.

Problem is, Hillary Clinton has never seen a war she didn’t vote for. If Hillary were to set a live cat on fire at a press conference, the Democrats will still vote for her because: Woman! Whether independents will also desire another 4-8 years of Clintonesque scandals is another matter.

The brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, who gave that wondrous closing statement at the first GOP debate, also likes torture. He wants walls not only on the Mexican border, but the Canadian border, and the Atlantic and Pacific borders, too! American psychologists helped design the “enhanced interrogation” techniques used by the CIA. Psychological studies confirm torture doesn’t work. What works is a lot more creative than sadistic: Through empathy, get the subject involved in describing events and places and soon important new, verifiable information will be forthcoming.

Remember the candidates coming to Nevada are here because of the Electoral College.

It looks like libertarian-leaning Republican Sens. Dean Heller, Jeff Flake and even Rand Paul will vote for the nuclear deal with Iran. Ever since Sherman’s March to the Sea, Republicans demand nothing less than total surrender. But their idol Ronald Reagan was eager to negotiate with Gorbachev. He said he wanted to get rid of all nuclear weapons. He pulled us out of the Middle East. God help us, he also wanted open borders with Mexico.

Not only are we in for perpetual wars, we are also in for perpetual summer road construction on I-395. Perpetual bottlenecks created for perpetual access.

Libertarians support defunding Planned Parenthood because, well, we support defunding just about everything government taxes and spends on. But Republicans will likely spend the money saved by defunding PP on their pet faith-based abstinence counseling centers. The classical liberal principle that minorities should not be forced to pay taxes to support programs they object to morally, either science or faith-based, is abandoned by each party to curry favor with their own special interests.