Reflections on cars

The automobile is a character in everyone’s lives

Photo By David Robert

It’s that time again, Hot August Nights.

For the next week, every stoplight downtown will cycle through twice before drivers can pass beneath. Poodle skirts will appear on the streets, proving once and for all—again—the reason fashions fade from the covers of Vogue. Every commercial on television will have a doo-wop background and establish the business’ roots in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It’s a time of the year that Renoites love and love to hate.

Every generation for the last century has had its connection to cars, rebellion and music, and in 50 years, Reno will no doubt have a celebration to honor the Japanese import, street racing and rap music. For now, though, we’ll return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when the Lone Ranger didn’t sit in the White House, nice girls didn’t do it (or enjoy it or something), and the environment was just a place to drive on.

These essays, written by RN&R staffers, take a nostalgic look at some of our own favorite cars, the feelings they evoked and the reasons a machine could become the lynchpin of an entire society.

Absolute Citroën

Racing with trains, parking on rocks

A varoom of one’s own