Rated 3.0

Director Wes Craven gets a little bit of his credibility back after Cursed, his crappy werewolf movie, with this airplane/ hostage thriller. A young hotel executive (the impossibly great Rachel McAdams) sits next to a charming man on a plane (Cillian Murphy), and the two seem destined for each other. Then, something very, very bad starts to happen. Craven, who usually screws around with horror movies, scores a relative success in a new genre. McAdams makes what could’ve been a standard thriller role much more, while Murphy proves himself a decent baddie. The film doesn’t bring anything all that new to the hostage-thriller, but it does have a great time with the standard tricks. The switch in tone is a nice surprise, and while Craven does nicely with the scary stuff, the man could have a future in sweet romantic comedies when considering this film’s first act. Brian Cox is good in a small supporting role.