Cory Holdridge

Photo By Brad Bynum

Record Street Brewing Company

351 E 9th St.
Reno, NV 89512

Cory Holdridge, 21, is an employee at the newly opened Record Street Brewing Company in the location that was formerly the Record Street Café, which closed down last spring. The new business serves pizzas and will eventually be brewing and serving beers designed by brewer and new owner Joe Morandi. Holdridge seemed enthusiastic about his new employer.

Are you at UNR?

No … I’m just working here now, and I do a little bit of officiating high school football.

You officiate high school football? What’s that like?

It’s fun actually. It gets me out there on the football field now that I don’t play anymore.

Did you go to high school here?

I went to high school at Reno [High School].

How much are you working here?

Five to six days a week, depending on how busy it is on Saturdays … we do breakfast.

How long has the new Record Street Café been open?

Today is the third Tuesday. It is the 30th of September.

And there’s going to be brewing going on here now too, right? It’s going to be a brewery?

Hopefully within the next six months we can get everything going for that. Joe [Morandi] is brewing out of his house right now and transferring it down here.

So there are actually some brews here now?

Yeah, we have one on tap right now, the Aloha Ale, that is Joe’s brew.

How’s it been in the three weeks?

Today we got that good rush for the [Sen. Barack] Obama rally. But we’ve actually been selling really good … we’ve been running out of all our stuff and having to order more. It’s going good. We’re keeping everything rolling.