Reasonable guy

Stephen J. Conners

Photo By David Robert

At 65, Stephen J. Conners has been around radio for the last 45 years and has worked in almost all aspects of the media. However, this is his first radio talk show. Starting last week, Steve is the nightly host of Voice of Reason on 1400 AM radio, Monday through Friday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. He hopes to find some truth in the media garbage we are fed every day and promises to upset predictable political attitudes and to motivate Northern Nevada citizens to get involved in the political process. Conners is an uplifting person on a quest to change the world with ideas and motivation. His favorite quote is an old saying from his Irish grandma: “You’ll be cleaning up your own door before you come crapping on mine.”

Why did you want to do a show like this?

In the face of the way things are today, there is way too much media in our face every day. I thought that a voice of reason, which is the title of our show, would be a good idea. I’ll listen to either the Republicans or the Democrats or the independent parties, but I will try to find reason in what they are saying, as opposed to just authenticating, which they like to do a lot. I think we have too much pushed into our brains every day. I want to try to think about what we are hearing. That is the basis of my program.

What guests will you have on?

I have a lot of interesting guests who are bringing viewpoints in that aren’t necessarily Republican or Democrat, but they’ll have issues that we are concerned with. I had the Republican Party on last week and the Democratic Party coming up. I also have the National Law Party and the Libertarian Party coming up. I had a few authors last week, and there will be more authors and religious leaders on the show in the future. I want as many viewpoints I can get on the things that really impact our lives, as opposed to Michael Jackson.

Who is your target audience?

All ages, anyone who is awake or needs to be awakened.

How will you maintain order between guests?

I actually bought a police whistle. Sometimes, some of these people just get out of line, and you just want to blow a whistle and say, “Shut up.”

How did the first week of the show go?

We had a good week. A lot of fun and interesting people. Corey Farley, a columnist from the Reno Gazette-Journal, was on last Thursday. I also had Richard Hobbs who wrote You and the New World Order, not a conspiracy book, it is really an overview of the world situation as it has been.

Why do you have a negative view of the media?

Probably because of the inundation. There is too much. I think the fault with the daily newspapers, not yours, is that they seem to lead stories on the front page that used to be in the second section, and they take the stories that are of interest (economy, world situation) and put them inside. I think it is unfair that the first story we see is Michael Jackson or something not relevant. As for television, where should I start? I think it is all screwed up, my dear. You don’t know what to believe or what is important.

Who do you really want to get as a guest on the show?

More people that are concerned with the people. I hope I find a guy or gal that really knows what’s going on out there.