Razing hairy zona

VEET In-Shower Hair Removal Cream
Reckitt Benckiser

With swimsuit season upon us, the task of removing unsightly hair proves that sometimes the best gadgets are devoid of circuits and wires. While it may sound too good to be true, VEET’s In-Shower Hair Removal Cream, with its promise to painlessly and effortlessly whisk away hair, is actually quite effective. In the spirit of gender equality, both my legs and Shahla’s, our female volunteer, were offered up for testing. Applying the cream was simple enough, but we found the necessary trick was to not skimp on the coverage. The instructions suggested leaving the cream on for up to six minutes, but after three minutes we were able to wipe off the cream—and hair—easily. Though Shahla complained of the smell, I would liken it to the floral scented bleach found in bathroom cleaners. Not pleasant, but tolerable. Picked up at Target for $7, you could probably squeeze the tube for five or six goes at your gams. The downside is that if you don’t get everything the first time around, you can’t reapply for 72 hours, so you’re left to clean up with a razor. Reapplying too soon will cause skin irritation akin to a bad razor burn. Despite the package’s warnings for sensitive skin areas VEET took me Brazilian. And though there were no major adverse reactions, the skin was definitely a little raw afterwards, so it’s best to heed the warnings. If you are thorough the first go-around, VEET’s Hair Removal Cream can be a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to stay silky smooth.


Salon Divine Microwaveable Body Wax

Home-waxing kits mix the desire for neatly trimmed hair with a little bit of a hot wax fetish and are as foreign to most men as garter belts. Surprisingly, the process isn’t a nightmare. My virgin hand had trouble making an even coat of wax, but the big reveal still wasn’t very painful. Definitely the most time consuming method tested, especially for a novice having to take a couple swipes at it, my leg was left looking like a pink starfish, but there was little irritation. Our more experienced guinea pig commented it was the most painless wax she’s ever used—on par with the quality you find in a salon. At $11 for three applications, the wax is costly and time-consuming but effective and long-lasting, with practice.


Venus Vibrance

Four years ago, Gillette introduced a vibrating line of razors that were designed to provide soothing vibrations for a closer shave. They were expensive, ineffective and, in some cases, painful to use. The current incarnation of Gillette’s Venus Vibrance are much more affordable, around $9, but not perfected. Shaving her legs in the shower, Shahla complained that the waterproof razor felt “like it was always going to slip out of my hand.” Attacking a four-day beard, it seemed like I couldn’t employ my usual hard-scrape technique, and shaving against the grain was out of the question. The vibrations painfully pulled at the stubble, creating a tearing effect. Though it’s a close and reliable shave, the effects are short-lived. Still, you could always use it as a shower massage—or whatever it is girls use those vibrating wands for in the shower.