Raw foodie


Diane Underwood has organized a Raw Food Day on Sunday, May 15, at River School Farm, 7777 White Fir St. The day will feature raw food lectures, meals, hula hooping, meditation, yoga classes and more. For more information, call 327-4878 or visit www.rawfoodsday.com.

What is raw food?

Raw food is food that is not cooked above, some people say 120, some people say 118, some people say 113. So it’s uncooked food. Now, when we’re talking about raw foods we’re not talking about sushi because sushi is … loaded with parasites. We’re not talking about raw meats, but there are people that do that. What I try to teach people … is to put healthy fats into the body like coconut oil and avocados.

What happens when you eat something other than raw foods?

Canola oil is a perfect example of why I do raw. There is cyanide-containing compounds in the canola oil and then there is a company called Monsanto. Monsanto genetically modifies that canola oil so they are also putting in E-coli into the DNA of the seeds so the bugs won’t eat it. So anytime I eat it … I’ll ask the waitress, what’s the oil? I would say nine out of 10 times … the waitress won’t even know the oil they use in the food. Any place I’ve ever worked in the past when anybody asked me what the oil was that was cooked in there, I would know. Most places in Nevada are using canola oil. Specifically, all the casinos, and the canola oil is really, really, really horrible, and that’s why my face breaks out like this. I have to watch everything that I eat because my body is really sensitive because I am eating pure foods. Then if I do eat something that isn’t, I feel it. My nose will start running if I eat pizza, that type of thing. I’ll see puffy eyes; my stomach will look pregnant the next day.

When did you become interested in raw foods, and why?

David Wolf came in [to Reno] and some other people from New York who owned a restaurant. I went to that raw food class, and I was totally amazed by everything. I love mayonnaise. Well, all you have to do is take cashews and apple cider vinegar, and there’s your mayonnaise. You can eat as much of it as you want, and you’re never going to get fat with that. When I took their class I was inspired, and I used to have a raw foods shop here, but when the Whole Foods opened up my retail was just smashed.

How long have you been teaching people about raw foods?

I’ve been teaching people raw foods for years. I’ve gone to classes at Café Gratitude. It’s in San Farancisco. What I’m trying to do is just encourage people how to incorporate those foods into your diet on a daily basis.

Why is this trend in Reno now?

Now is the time where people are into detoxification with what is going on with Japan. When I use to talked to people about detoxification 10 years ago, they always said, “Well I don’t do drugs or alcohol.” And that’s not what I meant. I meant like cleansing. People don’t really understand detoxification. … But now it’s becoming a trend, and everybody needs to do it.

This is called a kid-friendly event. What will they be doing?

We are going to give away tickets for free to all the children because there are many children who come in here, and their parents have a negative connotation on vegetables. They say, “Well they don’t eat vegetables.” Well, if you made the vegetables, and you made them together, and you made a salad together, and you made that salad dressing together in the blender, and the child was active in making the sauce and making the salad, then those children will be more inclined to be gravitated to the fruits and vegetables. I think it’s more about what we are going to be doing that day for the children as we’re going to be teaching them how to prepare it and why. If we can make an impact on the children as to, “Hey, this is a tomato that’s organic and this is one that is sprayed with Raid. Which one do you want to eat?”