Rail City seeks new identity

The city of Sparks is paying a Seattle/Florida firm $126,000 to help the city find itself.

Destination Development Inc. is conducting workshops this week in preparing its plan to help the city find its “brand” or identity. The city’s news release said the process is designed “to create a distinct identity and marketing brand for the City of Sparks. This brand is part of an initiative aimed at enhancing the community for residents while also increasing tourism. The goal: a well-defined image for the city of Sparks that builds upon where the community is now and provides a concrete direction and action plan for the future.”

DDI’s website reads, “The accomplished professionals at DDI have helped more than 450 communities throughout North America and abroad pull together to successfully get the job done. Using their patented CommunityBrand method the team at DDI can help you plan, brand and market a thriving community that has the media chanting, ‘This place is not to be missed!'”