R-1, a vote on the arts & recreation bond

A ballot question offers voters a say in the city’s plan to borrow bucks to fund arts, culture and recreation programs

It’s all about quality of life, say proponents of a ballot question, R-1, that would allow the city of Reno to issue a total of $40 million in bonds to raise money for everything from an ice rink and special-events plaza (to be built on the site of the former Mapes Hotel Casino) to a competition-sized pool in which Reno’s world-class swimmers could practice and hold meets.

Unlike the city’s controversial ReTRAC depressed-railway project—which raises no property taxes for homeowners in Reno—the arts bond would increase taxes to the tune of about $17.50 per year on a home appraised at $100,000.

Here’s what the money would buy:

• An outdoor amphitheater/special-events plaza/ice rink: $11.3 million

• Improvements to a well-used Wingfield Park: $1.5 million

• Pioneer Center renovation: $2.3 million

• Art museum completion: $1 million

• Lear Theater completion: $1 million

• Miguel Ribera Water Playground: $500,000

• Northwest Pool replacement: $3 million

• Idlewild Park’s Playland improvements: $300,000

• Mira Loma renovation: $400,000

• Virginia Lake renovation: $1.4 million

• Multipurpose Recreation Center: $15 million

• Panther Valley Phase II: $300,000

• Truckee River enhancements: $1.5 million

• Athletic Fields at Terrace Sports Complex: $500,000

For a detailed look at each improvement, visit the city’s Web site at www.cityofreno.com/issues/artbond.