Quotes of the week

• “It’s a great time to be a former budget director.” –Perry Comeaux, former Nevada state budget director, Feb. 18.

• “The good news is that after tonight, we can get back to business.” – Impersonator McAvoy Layne in his Mark Twain persona, defending the usefulness and virtue of lying, at a retirement dinner for former state archives administrator Guy Louis Rocha, who has often corrected historical inaccuracies by reporters and public officials, Feb. 21.

• “If you’re a no-growth person and think that’s a good thing, look at what’s going on now.” – Sparks Mayor Geno Martini, blaming Nevada government revenue shortfalls on the controlled growth movement, in an interview taped Jan. 16 and aired on Lawyers, Guns, and Money Feb. 22.

• “The fact is, despite our warnings, that in Reno and Las Vegas we conservationists and long-term residents only had cosmetic impacts on public policy, that developers had and continue to have the trump hand when it comes to dictating policy, and that pattern is so far true in the rest of the state.” – Progressive Leadership Alliance director Bob Fullkerson, arguing in response to Martini that the revenue shortfalls occurred under pro-growth policies, Feb. 23.