Quick bites

Feeling a bit peckish? It’s probably the weather. I don’t know about you, but cold weather makes me hungry. I guess it’s all that sitting around under warm blankets that exerts so much of my mental energy. It’s the time of year where food is on everyone’s minds all the time—what we’re going to eat for Thanksgiving or Christmas and all the weeks in between.

We’re approaching our food supplement a little differently this year, making it just that—supplemental information that you can reference next time you’re out on the town and unsure where to go, or if you’re seeking something very specific. We love breakfast here at the RN&R, so we shared some of our go-to places and breakfast traditions. If you read this paper regularly, you’re familiar with our weekly restaurant reviews in FoodFinds, so we’ve compiled restaurant recommendations for your reference. And we also chatted with some local chefs, who gave us some insight into the inspiration for their menus.

It’s by far the most gluttonous time of year, but that’s OK. Look at it as preparation for hybernation. And don’t worry—you have several months before the summer clothes are in season again.

Bon appétit,

Ashley Hennefer, RN&R special projects editor